Toss a Shoe...Just don't hit someone with it...

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Toss a Shoe...Just don't hit someone with it...

Nuns sought donations in saloons to build the first St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton, Oregon.

Tirggel are traditional Christmas cookies from Switzerland. They are said to have originated as pagan offertory cakes, cut in the shape of sacrificial animals.

Want to get married?  Stand with your back to the door and throw a shoe over your shoulder on Christmas day. If the shoe lands with the toe pointing to the door you will be married.  So it is in the Czech Republic.

In Caracas, before young children go to bed on Christmas Eve, they tie one end of a string to their big toe, leaving the other end outside their bedroom window. Early morning Mass is a fun celebration on Christmas day and streets are closed off to cars until 8 a.m. for people to roller-skate to the service. It is a custom to tug on any of the strings they see hanging.

In The Philippines, Christmas is a large celebration that lasts until January. Children will leave their brightly polished shoes and freshly washed socks on the window sills for the Three Kings to leave gifts in when they pass through their houses at night. The "Feast of the Three Kings" marks the end of the Christmas celebrations.

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