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Holiday Wishes

With the Holiday Season in full force, it is important to take a moment to stop, reflect and appreciate what we are, who we are and who we serve.   With that being said, from our Big Freight Family to you- our family of customers, friends and fans- we wish you the best of the holiday season. May the Holiday Season be a restful time surrounded by family, friends and loved ones, and in this, may you find peace and blessings.

With our appreciation, 

Your Big Freight Team


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The White Glove Touch

We understand that our customers' needs vary. We know that service is often comprised of several actions required all the way through to the final delivery.  In order to continue to provide exceptional service, many companies are shifting to direct customer delivery.  As a result, industries such as furniture distribution and home goods, are not only looking to provide home deliveries but to raise the bar from there.  

Often, when consumers order online they do not consider that most companies are prepared to deliver to their driveway or first threshold.  This can often leave end users frustrated with the company they purchased from as they try to work out how to move large, bulky and often heavy items into their homes.   That is where we come in to help.  Our White Glove service allows shippers to determine the level of service they will need to achieve optimal customer satisfaction resulting in good reviews and repeat business. 

Whether it is moving goods into the house, setting up, removing shipping materials and debris or extra manpower, we have the resources to help our customers meet the demands of the industry.  We specialize in White Glove service and take pride in making sure that every shipment is handled according to each customer's requirements.  

Are you struggling to provide the "extra mile" services your customers are demanding?  Are you looking for specialized solutions?   Look no further.  Let us put on our White Gloves and cater to you! 

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Big Value

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it." -Peter Drucker

Here at Electric Logistic Solutions, we strive to bring value to our customers.  We recognize that the term "value" carries varied meanings, all of equal importance. For some of our customers value may mean personal coordination, the expertise of a consultant or the response in times of need.  Often, "value" is tied to an overly simplified meaning which is price or cost.  While we will always strive to help our customers meet their budget requirements and find economical solutions, we want the service we provide to be of true value.  We work hard, and pride ourselves, on defining "value" for our customers and learning what is important to each individual and company.  

So it is important to remember, when looking for "value", keep in mind that value is not just a term with a straightforward meaning. For us it is a total package of expertise, customer service, resources and price.  This equals value.  

Are you looking for value? Contact us! 

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Cleon & Big Ice Delays

While this week may have been business as usual for many of our nationwide customers, that wasn't the case for everyone.  Being based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we were in the middle of Storm Cleon as she passed through and reaked havoc on the area and many other states.  

The sleet began to fall on Thursday and continued into Friday bringing most commerce to a screaching hault.  Many of our customers were not able to open or had to make decisions to close early and most trucking companies shuttered their operations.  Over 250,000 people and businesses lost power and roads were closed or blocked.  For the first time in 26 years, the Children's Hospital Parade was cancelled, over 1,000 flights were postponed and after much debate, the Dallas Marathon had to be called off.    

As the storm moves toward the Ohio River Valley, many more states will be impacted.  While we never wish for these dangerous events, we recognize that such occurences are inevitable and out of our control.  What we can control is how we react.  We understand the impact this leaves on our customers when assembly lines have to shut down, shipments can't move, deadlines are missed, it can leave everyone in a bind and trying to catch up.  That's where we are here to help.   

Do you have shipments that were delayed?  Are you needing to expedite freight at a reasonable cost?  Maybe you're looking for transportation alternatives in the event of an emergency?  We are available 24 hours a day, regardless of  weather or obstacles.  

Don't let the weather get you down. We have BIG FREIGHT solutions and are always here to help.  Simply contact us and let our team work for you!  

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A Big Freight Thank you!

At Thanksgiving many of us reserve time to count our blessings.  A recent poll showed that the top 5 things people are most thankful for are: their health, family, technology, economic situation and their work environment.  We are thankful for these things as well but as we count our blessings here at Electric Logistic Solutions, we count each of our customers.  

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your customers, to face challenges with you and find solutions.  It is because of each of you that we do what we do.  So especially during this season of giving thanks, we want to thank you for entrusting us with your business.  

With sincere wishes for a safe and happy Holiday Season, 

Your Big Freight Team

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We Are Growing!

In August, we welcomed a new member to our team at Electric Logistic Solutions and tomorrow we will be adding yet another team member to our family!  We are so excited about the great people we have on board with us. The diversity, experience and service-centered people will allow us to continue to provide solutions with and ensure client satisfaction.  

Don't go far, you never know what may happen next!

"All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work." ~Calvin Collidge

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The customer service was outstanding. We will definitely use "Got Big Freight?" again.